Happy Birthday is a Shopify checkout extensibility compatible app

Happy Birthday is a Shopify checkout extensibility compatible app

The team at Happy Birthday are pleased to announce that we are a Shopify checkout extensibility compatible app. This makes it much easier for thousands of merchants on Shopify Plus to collect Birthday Club sign-ups directly from their checkout extensibility post-purchase pages.

Happy Birthday is now a Shopify checkout extensibility compatible app

What is Shopify checkout extensibility?

Checkout extensibility will eventually become the sole way for all merchants to customize the Shopify Checkout, however, for the time being, it has only been rolled out to merchants on the Shopify Plus plan.

With checkout extensibility, merchants can make code-free customizations to their checkout using apps and branding tools as well as a collection of components and APIs provided by Shopify. The goal is to enhance the buying journey by building more personalised checkout and post-checkout experiences for customers.

How does this affect the Happy Birthday app?

If you're a Shopify Plus merchant who has migrated away from checkout.liquid to use checkout extensibility, then you will now need to add the Birthday sign-up form to your post-purchase checkout pages. More on how to do that shortly...

If you've not yet been migrated over to use checkout extensibility, then there's nothing you need to do yet, except maybe set a reminder and bookmark this page for when you do migrate over.

How do I add the Birthday sign-up form using the checkout editor?

Adding the Birthday sign-up form using the new Shopify checkout editor is simple. To make it even simpler, we've created a guide to walk you through these steps.

Read our guide on how to add the Birthday sign-up form using the checkout editor


Will my Happy Birthday sign-up form automatically appear on the Order Status Page and Thank You Page or do I have to add it manually using the Checkout Editor?

You will need to make sure that you have added the Happy Birthday app block to both the Order Status Page and Thank You Page using the Checkout Editor.

I have disabled my Birthday sign-up form in the Happy Birthday app, but it is still appearing in my checkout extensibility post-purchase pages

The setting for enabling/disabling the Birthday sign-up form within the Happy Birthday app does not control the Birthday sign-up form on the checkout extensibility post-purchase pages. To remove the Birthday sign-up form from your checkout extensibility post-purchase pages, you will need to visit the Thank You Page and Order Status Page within the Shopify Checkout Editor and remove the Happy Birthday app block from each.

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