eCommerce is not just transactional. It's relational.

Launch a Birthday Club and start celebrating your customers birthday with a personalised email and optional discount.

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The Ultimate Birthday Email Guide - Read Now

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Why send Birthday Emails?

Meaningful Relationships

Deepen customer relationships, enhance retention and personalise marketing efforts, by collecting valuable zero-party data to help celebrate each customer’s Birthday.

Zero-Party Data Collection

An end-to-end birthday marketing campaign that allows even the smallest marketing team to set-up a successful Birthday Club with minimum ongoing effort.

Build Loyalty

The Happy Birthday app is a subtle loyalty program used to celebrate every customer's birthday with a personalised email and optional discount.

The Ultimate Birthday Emails Guide

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Deepen relationships with your customers

Read why Blenders Eyewear leverage Birthday emails to create meaningful connections with their customers.

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A Subtle Loyalty Program


Collect Birthdays on the Order Status Page, within App Blocks, POS and Dedicated landing pages

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Send Birthday emails directly from the app or from your prefered email provider

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Give your customers a unique discount code or discount landing page link


Monitor the campaign performance within the app and continually optimise it grows

What our merchants say...

"This app is amazing! We've used it for ages on our old shop and had no problems moving all our data over to our newly designed store front. We've even got Omnisend integrated, so we can send out a combined email and SMS blast easily. Our top tip? Happy birthday emails convert like crazy, so make sure you include them in your flow!"

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Base Plan

Up to 1000 Birthdays

$10 p/m

Growth Plan 

Up to 5000 Birthdays

$20 p/m

Unlimited Plan

Unlimited Birthdays

$40 p/m

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