Your Birthday Club built into your theme

Your Birthday Club built into your theme

Build beautiful Birthday Club landing pages within your theme using Birthday App Blocks! 

Birthday App Blocks


If you're using Online Store 2.0 compatible theme you can now place your Birthday Club sign up form on any template page!

Drop your Birthday capture form on a custom landing page that helps to highlight the benefits of your Birthday Club. Use the Shopify theme editor to add in different sections to the page to create an on brand experience that drives sign ups and helps your Birthday Club succeed.

Online Store 2.0 Birthday App Block

Check out how Danni & Toni store built a custom landing page to highlight the benefits of their birthday club, sell products directly on the page and encourage sign ups to their club

See how Completely Kentucky dropped their app block into the homepage to make the Birthday Club their key marketing campaign in building a loyal customer base!

Finally, check out Licores Medellin bold and vibrant Birthday Landing page using app blocks to drop in their Birthday Sign up form.

See our Birthday App Block in action

Birthday Sign-up Page

For those who are not using an online store 2.0 theme then you can still utilise the Birthday Sign-up Page to capture more customers! The sing page can be used to send customers direct from the footer of your website, or via a link in an email to give customers the chance to join the club. 

Birthday Club landing page

If you need a bit of help with customisation just like the example above, then feel free to reach out on support and we will be happy to help! 

Our documentation on Birthday Sign-up Pages can be found here

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