When Chase Fisher founded Blenders Eyewear, he set out to revolutionize a sunglasses market dominated by one single company. By offering fresh, vibrant, comfortable sunnies at a reasonable price, his mission was to disrupt the market and have some fun in the process.

He started a grassroots effort buoyed by social media and his network at San Diego State University by selling sunglasses out of his backpack while doubling as a surf coach.

The California-based company knows its customer. They are the pleasure-seekers of the world - the ones who lust for life’s adventures. But Blenders Eyewear strives to push them out of their comfort zone and try something different.

For Chase and his team, it was about creating a recognizable brand image and to make their customers feel like friends.

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One of the best ways to make someone feel valued as a friend is to remember their birthday and wish them a happy one.

For business, it’s also a great way of building a strong and trusting relationship with customers.

Thanks to their social media platforms, Blenders Eyewear already had a good relationship with their consumers, but they were keen to connect on a more personal level.

That’s why Blenders Eyewear decided to set up a birthday club.

"Everyone wants to smile on their birthday and since we can't sing you "Happy Birthday", we'll be the cherry on top of the cake that pops into your inbox"

Chase Fisher - Blenders Eyewear Founder

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Blenders Eyewear Birthday Club Campaign

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Birthday Club Landing Page

Over 320k members in first year of Birthday Club launch

Customers took to the Birthday loyalty offer immediately with hundreds of thousands signing up right away! 

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Birthday Email

Beautifully designed email
with unique discount code

Blenders Eyewear put a huge amount of effort and creativity into their Birthday Email, from personalised messaging to a unique discount code just for that customer.

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Enriching Customer Profiles

25% Capture Rate
on the Order Status Page

Asking customers to join the club after they place an order is the first step to converting first time orders into long term brand advocates

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Chases' Top 3 Tips To Growing A Birthday Club

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Tone of Voice

This is a special occasion, make the customer feel special! Talk to them like they are an old friend.


Reward Them

Show them how much they mean to you and your company. Offer them something extra special and really surprise and delight them.

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Putting a face to the brand

Our favorite touch on this campaign is that the whole team got together to take a group photo that goes into their email template. It's a fantastic way to personalise and really connect with the people behind the brand!

Deepen Relationships with your Customers

Just like Blenders Eyewear, the Happy Birthday app also understands that eCommerce is not just transactional but relational. By leveraging personal milestones like birthdays, Blenders have created a sense of appreciation amongst their customers with a ‘right time, right place’ marketing campaign.

The ability to personalise their Birthday emails with quirky and playful imagery and messaging has helped them to re-enforce their brand values and status as market disruptors.

The app has helped them to create meaningful connections with their customers, as well as foster a continuous cycle of engagement, appreciation and insight; turning every collected customer Birthdate into a valuable zero-party data touchpoint that enriches the customer profile.

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Ready to start your Birthday Club?